Yellow shafted flicker taxidermy mount Pair of Eurasian collared doves taxidermy mount homing pigeon in coop taxidermy mount Red golden Pheasant taxidermy mount American woodcock taxidermy mount canary taxidermy mount taxidermy mount of flying tundra swan wild turkey in flight taxidermy mount taxidermy mount flying sharp-shinned hawk taxidermy mount Erkels Francolins running Lesser scaup diving Canvasback standing taxidermny mount diving canvasback taxidermy mount

Naturalistic mounting of waterfowl, game birds, turkeys, & exotic species.

Frozen in Flight Taxidermy is an intimate studio setting dedicated to the highest level of quality and excellence. All work is performed exclusively by award-winning taxidermist Robert Olson who listens to the individual needs of each customer.

Competition grade acrylic eyes and hand-made mannequins are utilized in combination with several measurements taken from each bird, ensuring customized and accurate anatomy every time.

Frozen in Flight provides bird taxidermy services for hunters, collectors, museums, pigeon aficionados, chicken enthusiasts and pet owners in the Southeastern USA and beyond.

It is the mission of Frozen in Flight Taxidermy to bring the highest quality bird art into the homes and museums of avian enthusiasts everywhere.